Prosperity Toss Salad | Yee Sang

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Prosperity Toss Salad | Yee Sang

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Happy Year of the tiger! Try this Prosperity toss salad with your friends & family this Lunar New Year!???

Thinly slice lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, daikon & shallots. Slice salmon & grapefruit.

Mix 1/2 cup plum sauce, 3 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame seeds, 1 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tsp five spice.

Take 1/2 packet of Wokka wholegrain noodles & deep fry at 180c for 6 mins. Assemble ingredients on plate adding pickled ginger.

Sauce when serving & toss for prosperity with friends!

Prosperity Toss Salad | Yee Sang

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